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New Study Links Eating Fried & Grilled Meat To Developing Dementia

Put down the fried chicken and grilled burgers because a new study suggests changes in cooking habits might reduce levels of glycotoxins and help prevent diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  According to scientists, meat that is barbecued, grilled or fried may contribute to the acceleration of Alzheimer’s and dementia. US scientists found the toxics chemicals found at high concentrations in fried and grilled meats may raise Read More →

New Research Says There’s No Such Thing As Fit Fatties

Forget the fact that you may be a size 12 or 14 and can run laps around the smallest person, or can leg press over 300 lbs, or bench press half your body weight, or you don’t have any signs of pre-diabetes,  there’s new research out of Canada (remember they gave us Drake and Justin Bieber, can they be trusted?) that says there’s no such Read More →


Open Thread: How Much Water Do You Drink Daily?

A British woman made news recently after she chronicled her 28 day water drinking challenge. Sarah Smith, 42, claims that drinking 100 ounces of water a day, for 28 days straight has given her a miraculous make-over. She now says she looks ten years younger. Smith wrote about her water journey for the U.K.’s Daily Mail and provided them with before and after pictures. Prior to her Read More →


HPV Strains Affecting African-American Women Differ from Vaccines

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. According to the CDC African-American women are 40 percent more likely to develop cervical cancer caused by the STD human papillomavirus (HPV) and 20 percent more likely to die from it compared to white women. HPV in many women just clears up on its own, but researchers found that Black women have a harder time Read More →

New Test Shows Diseases Your Baby Will Get Later in Life: Do You Want to Know?

Nowadays, babies receive a simple prick on their heel that can test for 30 rare diseases. But what about a complete genetic blueprint that can let a parent know what, if any, diseases their child will have as an adult? Well, as they say, that time is here. Researchers are currently mapping out genetic codes of newborns, their parents and relatives so that they can Read More →

Open Thread: Before Having Sex With A New Partner Do You Request Sexual Health Test Results?

Here’s a novel idea for a 3rd, 4th, or 5th date– sexual health testing. By sexual health, we’re talking testing for STIs and STDs. Medically, an STI is an infection first, after it causes symptoms, the infection becomes a disease. An STD – sexually transmitted disease – is an infection that has symptoms. STIs can be passed from one person to another – even when Read More →

Yes, CrossFit For Kids Is A Real Thing

Last month I wrote about CrossFit and its popularity amongst the DC-gentris (short for DC gentrifiers, or white people), and received tons of  feedback via e-mail and  nearly every social network I’m on. The most interesting e-mails came from a dude at the CrossFit corporation, first informing me that CrossFit has a capital “F” and taking issue with a health implication that I mentioned one Read More →

New Study Links Small Testicles To Better Parenting

Recently a new study was published by the the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS—just pronounce it slowly in your head) suggests that there might be a  correlation between the size of a man’s testicles and how involved he is in parenting. Anthropologists from Emory University in Atlanta wanted to try to better understand why some men are more actively engaged in child rearing Read More →

Officials Are Worried About Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Among Gays

Meningitis is killing gay men across the United States.  If you’re not familiar with the disease, it’s a virus that invades your brain and spinal cord and causes headaches, neck stiffness, bouts of vomiting, and, occasionally, death. The disease has sickened 22 and killed seven NYC men over the last two years and 2 deaths in Los Angeles. According to MSNBC: The New York City outbreak has been linked Read More →

How To Protect Your Eyes During Allergy Season

I hate allergy season, with a passion. I wake up with itchy eyes, I go to bed with itchy eyes. Where most people bask in the thought of Spring officially arriving, sometimes I’d just rather deal with winter and jump straight into the hot and humid summer. Yesterday I had the audacity to walk around the Tidal Basin in DC to view the Cherry Blossoms, Read More →

Baby Born With AIDS Virus Appears To Have Been Cured

Sunday, scientists announced that a baby born with the AIDS virus appears to have been cured. The two and a half-year old, from Mississippi, has been medication free for a year without any signs of infection.  The baby’s mother didn’t receive any prenatal care during her pregnancy. Once rapid HIV test detected the baby’s positive status. Usually a baby is given a low-dose of HIV Read More →

Women Are Now Just As Likely To Die From Smoking Like Men

I will admit sometimes I get the urge to have a cigarette. I’m not sure what it’s about, but when I’m standing around a group of people drinking and inhaling their secondhand smoke, it causes that urge. In college I discovered cloves and bidis, what I now refer to as hipster cigarettes. I even keep a stash of cloves somewhere in my house, just in Read More →

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