Frank Ocean vs Chris Brown: Dueling Divos


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Chris Brown can’t seem to stay out of trouble. This we know. Late Sunday night at a West Hollywood music studio, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean busted out their best Michael Jackson, “Bad” moves, and had a scuffle. All because of a parking space and Ocean’s refusal to shake Brown’s hand. But this latest incident could lead to a probation violation if Frank Ocean decides to press charges. L.A. Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Steve Whitmore told the New York Post, that Ocean is “desirous of prosecution. We’ll find out what happened.”

After the little tussle, Ocean tweeted about the incident and his “injuries”:

twitter frank ocean

twitter frank ocean

Apparently, he wished his dog Everest was there so it could maul Chris Brown’s face off. Well, at least that’s what I got from it.

After the cat-fight, Ocean stayed around to give his account of what happened to the police, but Chris Brown and his posse high-tailed it from the CSI-Barbie crime scene before the police arrived. Ocean felt that he was blindsided by Brown and two witnesses said Brown threw the first punch. As of today, TMZ is reporting that Brown would like to speak to the police and the only reason he left the scene of the sing off, I mean fight, is because his attorney, Mark Geragos, told him if he was ever in any ‘situation’ where a-trouble-is-a-brewing, he should run. Run as if his life depended on it, or as if he just beat up a woman. But some could say it’s progress for Brown. He’s moved on from beating up chicks, to his fellow R&B singer dudes. Who hurt you, Chris?

Of course people had tons to say on Twitter, but it seemed to touch on Ocean’s sexuality, more than anything:




Who knows how this will unfold. Will the two eventually shake hands and go about their merry ways? Will Frank Ocean actually press charges? One thing’s for sure, the fight wasn’t worth it if no one moonwalked their way out of it, hit a  pelvic thrust and said, “Who’s bad?”.


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  1. Daniele

    January 30, 2013 12:58 pm

    Thanks for the laugh! A Michael Jackson Bad video flashback is never a bad thing.

    Also, people need to realize that gay men are some of the fiercest fighters on this planet. Wouldn’t you be if you had to fight for your right to be you every single day? They need to quit with the silly comments. Besides, Chris Brown is more of a diva than Ocean will ever be.


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