For-Profit Degrees Won’t Cut It At UMUC



For 6 years I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve had to lie to when it came to their applications to teach as an Adjunct professor at University of Maryland University College (UMUC).  If I had to guess how many, I’d have to say thousands.  Applicants would call and inquire about their applications, and every time I looked up their information in our applicant tracking system, I always hoped that I didn’t have to come up with some vague reason due to where they received their graduate degree. Although UMUC is an online institution, what separates it from other places like University of Phoenix, Capella, Strayer or Walden, is that it’s a public not-for-profit university, but the others aren’t.  And that’s pretty much the only thing that separates it from other for-profit institutions.  What also separates UMUC from these other institutions is that, UMUC refuses to hire people with degrees from these universities and other for-profit universities.

This unwritten rule was practically beaten into your head as a recruiter at UMUC.  Under no circumstances were you to send an applicant with a degree from a for-profit university to a hiring manager. It didn’t matter if the applicant was the V.P. of Marketing from one of the countries largest technology companies, and had over 20 years of experience. Because they had a terminal degree from a for-profit, they couldn’t be hired.  This happens to hundreds of applicants every month at UMUC.  No matter your background, UMUC will not hire someone with a degree from one of those universities.  UMUC will also not give you a reason as to why you’re not being considered. We were informed not to let applicants know it was because of their degree.  The hiring practices that UMUC utilizes are not stated in any form of policy, even when a current employee recently asked for a reason why she wasn’t hired as an Adjunct faculty, as usual, HR gave her the runaround.

So, if you’ve ever applied to teach as an Adjunct faculty for UMUC, now you know why you’ve never heard back.


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