Boston High School Dean Tried To Murder Student Over Marijuana Feud



In what reads like something out of an episode of Law & Order, a dean at a Boston High School was leading a double life.

Rev. Shaun Harrison, 55, was running a drug syndicate and when one of his proteges turned on him, he shot him in the back of the head, the Boston Herald reported. The 17-year-old victim, who survived the gun shot, told police he was selling weed for the dean but their clash was what led him to being shot.

From NY Daily News:

Boston cops busted Harrison and three young men, who were leaving his house on Wednesday.

The three — Dante Lara, 24; Wilson Peguero, 23, and 19-year-old Oscar Pena — were headed out the door with guns, marijuana and a police scanner, Suffolk County prosecutors said in a news release.

Acting on a tip from the 17-year-old, investigators found a mural celebrating the Latin Kings street gang painted on a wall of Harrison’s house, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Prosecutors also noted the respected educator and two of the suspects had matching tattoos, authorities said.

Harrison at one time ran the “street ministry” for Charles Street A.M.E. church and led an anti-gang program for youth in the community.

In secret, he also operated a criminal enterprise and enlisted young men to deal marijuana for him, the teen victim told investigators.

Tuesday’s shooting was captured on surveillance video from a nearby business, authorities said.

Harrison was fired on Wednesday after the school district was notified about the incident.

“The district and the school are saddened and shocked by today’s news and the school is providing counseling support for students,” Boston Public Schools spokeswoman Denise Snyder said.

Harrison was arraigned Thursday on one count of armed assault with intent to murder and numerous felony weapons charges.

A judge set bail at $250,000.



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  1. Mary Burrell

    March 6, 2015 9:48 pm

    It’s clowns like this clown that give the decent men and women in the faith community a bad name


    March 6, 2015 7:04 pm

    This story signifies what we face as a community.

    Some people are real and others are fake. Some people just want to use the cloth and use their status a means to do underhanded actions. I am glad that the young person survived being shot in the head. The school fired the accused man. On one hand, the man was involved in an anti-gang program, but he was funding a drug syndicate behind the scenes. It is very disturbing to witness a man (who is over 50 years old) to act in such a nefarious fashion. We have to wise to the ways of the world and maintain our compass of strength and truth.

  3. ALM247

    March 6, 2015 11:52 am

    What in the ever loving world? This dude runs a Christian anti-gang program and then becomes a drug lord? It’s like the pastor preaching about celibacy while trying to lure young girls into his office for “ministry”.

    Then he attempted to kill this young man? Then he had a matching tattoo? That tattoo has to be stretched in five different directions.

    Then you try to convince me that the old tail man in the picture above is 55? Chile, try again. There are folks in my family in their 70’s who look younger than that man. The streets will age you, folks.

    Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband…..

  4. Me

    March 6, 2015 11:35 am

    this is a BIG problem in our communities. we can all sit around & act like these kids are just hopeless or doomed to be as horrible as they are or that the gangs are so powerful that no one can shut them down, but the major problem is that a lot of these kids are being led by adults that SEEM like they’re about something. it’s no different than mr. fbi, i mean al sharpton, walking around giving speeches to our communities while all the while helping the gov’t take us down. you got this man who’s supposed to be educating our kids enlisting them in drugfare & gangs, then turning around and killing those same kids. i guess he’s just intent on taking their futures away from them one way or another. they need to scrub that whole school & find out if any other faculty are in on it. b/c cockroaches don’t travel alone.


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