Laced with snark and charged with a provocative wit, Yesha Callahan is a verbal pugilist who knows no bounds. Every post, every column is a satirical TKO. With subjects ranging from black Twitter and all things social media to entertainment, Yesha has used her sense of humor, sarcasm and wit to interact with readers and followers of The Root since 2014.

Over the past 4 years, Yesha has grown The Root’s Grapevine blog to a mega-vertical that features stories other people write about a day later. With a fan base on Facebook and Twitter, Yesha has proven that she’s not only able to grow her own brand, but also keep people entertained on The Root. Outside of The Root, Yesha has been featured on NewsOne Now With Roland Martin, has written for The New York Times, and is also a television writer. She resides in the DC Metro area.