White Twerk Studio Owner Tells Black Dancer She’s “Too Basic” To Hire

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twerk 3The global hilarity of white people never ceases to amaze.

Last week a black dancer and personal trainer in London named Kelechi Okafor detailed the ridiculous manner in which she was turned away by a pole studio in Manchester when she reached out about teaching more twerk classes at their location. Between being told her dance style was “too basic” and the insulting way in which the studio owner clearly believes white girls own twerking (hence their ode to Miley Cyrus on the site), we truly don’t know what’s worse. Check out the details:

The why is because the only person whose dance style is basic is the rude woman who wrote the correspondence to Kelechi. Check out the difference between Kelechi’s moves and the dancer’s in Bodybarre’s advanced class.

Just from looking at that, I think we all can agree when Kelechi said:

Unfortunately, that’s not even where the drama ended. The next day the studio owner began sending messages to Kelechi and her colleagues, accusing her of being a bully. I.e. white tears ensued.

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When reached out to Kelechi about the back and forth, she said this:

The way this woman behaved when I contacted her about collaborating just goes to further prove how much the mainstream love to commodity blackness whilst simultaneously despising black people.


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    1. Nah, they ruin everything too. We can’t have anything for more than 2.5 seconds before they’re already trying to muscle in on it. Ugh it’s so annoying

      1. Culture vultures. Unfortunately though a lot of what they appropriate some of us gladly hand over to them, stupidly thinking it’s a damn compliment that they are interested in what we are doing. I say if white people are paying attention to what we are doing, they are like a criminal casing the joint. It ain’t nothin’ to be flattered by.

  1. I could not breathe watching whatever they were doing because it is not dancing and it is not a new style of twerking end of discussion ?????. She must of got her inspiration from Finding Nemo ? . It made it funnier there was no music but “Lord have mercy on her soul” ?, she tried her best. Some white women have to accept they have no rhythm and their bodies were not made to twist anything about.Going to nightclubs in the UK is so fun because you see these type white girls and their bodies look BRUK UP, like there trying to compete with rigour mortis. Once they see a black girl with rhythm hit the dancefloor they do their very best to compete. I remember I had this white acquaintance of mine and she would drop herself to the floor and then squat then bring her body up like she was trying to be sexy and the girl thought it was sexy too . There were always so many WTF faces after she always did this. When I invited other people out along with us they felt so embarrassed for her and asked does she always do this, I replied with yes its her signature move. I was to scared to ever bring it up (It was more for my own entertainment to combat the drunks lol) but this white girl is now somewhere trying to drop it like its not.

    The nerve of this white women to cry her white tears and call her dancing “getting down” and Kelechi’s basic. If that’s how yo get down , I would like to see you barely trying. Kelechi’s dance class looked even better and even the white woman could not even keep up with her, its because we just have it naturally. She got mad with Kelechi because she realised how stupid she would look, and besides she only asked to collaborate not show her up. White women are just well basic. Kelechi you have exposure now, people will more likely pick your class over this basic white girls class. Keep doing you girl.

  2. Once again, many whites are jealous at the power and beauty of black women. Kelechi Okafor wanted to express herself and she was disrespected by a person who was angry and racist. It is obvious that Kelechi is a very talented human being. It takes great skill and determination to do the things that she has done. When many bigoted whites (like the white women in this situation who promotes mediocrity in dancing) get upset, some of them just want to portray themselves falsely as the “victim” and they try to falsely portray the black person as the enemy. We have seen this time after time again. For the person to call Kelechi’s moves “basic” is inaccurate and disrespectful. It is obvious that black people are the originators of dance and people should honor our contributions in dancing, music, etc. No one can mimic the rhythm and the creativity of black people. Kelechi is fighting for her dignity and she is letting the hates know that she is not the one to mess with. The mainstream system loves to exploit blackness for the sake of making commodities and exploitation, not for sincere love for the contributions of black people. I wish the best for Sister Kelechi.

    1. The white woman was flippant but I honestly can’t see how she was an “angry and racist” from there initial interaction.

      1. She was flippant indeed. The white woman (who was jealous of the skills of Kelechi) was inaccurate to call Kelechi’s performance as “basic.” Later on, I do believe that the white woman was angry since she was trying to save face via social media. Racism is not just overt. It can be covert.

  3. Being black and trying to join a white owned twerk company is already problematic. Why make money for them on our sh!t to begin with?

    With that being said watching those dance routines is mad funny. Rythmless as usual. Watch it on mute. You’ll be rolling ?

    1. Those moves will never be shown in Showtime at the Apollo. Kelchi has shown amazing wit and wisdom.

    2. Right! I would’ve never tried to “collaborate” with a white person about something stemming from black culture. Hell I would’ve taught the damn classes in my basement or backyard before I go asking to join their team. I saw the video this weekend and for that woman to call Kelchi’s moves basic is just mind blowing.

  4. Oh boo hoo! Why would a Black woman go to a White woman for Twerking school in the first place? Black culture isn’t’s given away by insecure Black people. Black people make me laugh. It’s always the same old story. “Please White people, accept me into the culture I gave you”. Keep your black tears please. Black people are forever lookng for White acceptence and when they don’t get it they flip out. It’s sickening.

    1. She wanted to collaborate there is a difference. The white woman got in her feels and hilarity ensued because now the white women is claiming she is the victim of “racism”. All she did was tell her story and show proof and the woman got bombarded. All the woman had to do is reply back in a pleasant manner she was rude and she got what she deserved. Something in your tone sounds and feels white with a username like that. Are you the white woman in question?

      1. Collaborate for what? Oh let me guess for racial unity right? What a joke. I’m Black and I’m tired of Blacks trying to fit in with Whites when it comes to our own shit. That’s fucking ass backwards. She got turned away from her own shit by a bunch of people that shouldn’t be apart of the culture in the first place. IT’s is incredibly sad and shameful to me. If you can’t see that I feel sorry for you.

        1. You made the ignorant, evil remark (in another forum) of “The more I think about it Tommy Sotomayor was right. Black women DO love trying to bring down Black men.”

          So, these are your disgraceful, evil words. Tommy Sotomayor is a total misogynist and a coward who dodged child support payments.

          1. Disgraceful and evil? Because I agreed with what Tommy said? No. that means I have an opinion. Keep playing the poor Black victim though.

          2. Your playing the coon duped sheep me dear. Truthseeker had an opinion that was different from yours but you bashed what they had to say. It’s not okay for truthsekeer to do it back. Hypocrite much?

        2. It was not about race to start of with. She asked to collaborate that is all the white woman refused and got in her feels because she realised she was shit. There was nowhere where she was trying to fit in with a white woman in this article, she just was looking for a chance to build her CV up. Wow somebody is disgruntled from just this whole conversation. She put the white woman on blast and she never asked to be accepted she just pointed out she as black women is clearly a lit better. I feel sorry for you if you can’t have a laugh like everybody else you bitter soul. The white woman got what she deserved.

          1. Because the white woman made it about race, and you did in the first place assuming the objective of inclusion when all the black woman was doing was looking to add to her CV by performing work she’d been doing all along. But, of course, you refuse to see that.

    2. Yet, you’re on a site that talks about issues related to black people. Also, many black people don’t look for white acceptance. We just want liberation. Kelechi desired a collaboration not an elimination of her acceptance of blackness. Kelehi expressed a lot of grace and was never disrespectful in this instance. The white woman mocked her dancing and made up a lie about her great talent.

        1. I know you talk about being a African man. I’m not an idiot. You made a generalization about black people, so I answered your false generalization. Also, you made the comments in another site of: “This is typical of the Black American female. You have a friendly, educated Black man yet you lose it all for a no good thug a_ n_. Typical.”

          So, you believe in the evil of misogynoir and you stereotype Black American women. So, you shouldn’t come at me with your offensive language. This isn’t Bossip or WSHH. You made up the lie of : “Black people are forever lookng for White acceptence and when they don’t get it they flip out. It’s sickening.”

          The truth is that some black people are like that not all, so you are certainly disrespectful.

          1. “Black people are forever lookng for White acceptence and when they don’t get it they flip out. It’s sickening.” — What I said was not a lie. it’s facts. This thread is proof of it. You allowed Whites to bully you out of your own so called culture? You’re stting around bitching about it on the internet? if there was any sense of pride she wouldn’t have gone to the Whites in the first place for a “COLLABoration” on Black culture.

      1. I’m Black you idiot. I’m just being honest. We give our culture away to Whites because we’re so desperate to be accepted. The Whites take it, use it, then push us out and we wanna act all surprised when it happens. How about we have a bit of pride in ourselves for a fucking change instead of begging Whites to accept us in our own culture?

        1. I didn’t call you white. So, reading is fundamental. Understanding context is fundamental too. You made the unintelligent remark (in another site) of: “…Black Americans and their endless supply of nonsensical insults. Where do you get these things from Shaniqua?”

          So, you are a notorious hater and a liar about black Americans. I do believe in self determination in the black community. I don’t believe in falsely stereotyping black Americans. I don’t believe in hating on black women. I don’t believe in begging whites to accept us in our own culture either. You won’t say your vitriolic words to my face like a man anyway, so you need to come correct and check yourself.

          1. I have never led about Black Americans. I wouldn’t say my comments to your face? I would not only say it to your face but I’d say it to your father’s face. Facts.

          2. My father has nothing to do with this conversation. So, don’t bring up my flesh and blood like that at all. It is very cowardly and disrespectful of you to bring up my father when my father doesn’t even know you and my father is not discussing anything with you. So, your comment about my father (who fought racism, stood up for the truth, helped in his community, and cared for his family for decades in real life) shows that you have no class at all. You didn’t refute my comments. You have issued broad, false generalizations against black Americans and black American women. You have issued vile language in other forums. You agree with a misogynist and a hypocrite like Tommy Sotomayor. You have disrespected Caribbean people. You did confirm that you are a very disrespectful person though. Like always, you will never say those words to my face. I promise you that. These are my last words to you.

        2. You’re not black. If so, I hereby excommunicate you from the black race. Go sit with them since you identify with them so much.

          You can’t sit with us.

    3. Why are you even here when you clearly hate black women, based off of your inane comments that Truthseeker is uncovering

      You seem quite bitter

        1. If you agree with that clown Tommy Sotomayor then you probably are a woman hater just like he is.

          You know people can read the shit you post in other Disqus forums right? That includes the shit you said about Caribbean women and you don’t even have to go very far to read that.

          You are trash!

          1. Teach Sister. Anyone who hates Afro-Caribbean women is lower than low. I knew by my intuition that this person (who calls himself “Mugabe’s Weed Roller”) has lax character.

            Enjoy your Day Sister.

        2. If you agree with a man whose modus operandi is hating black women, chances are you hate black women too. You’ve already proven that you’re utter trash in the shape of a human, so why tf should we even care about anything you have to say? You’re a lost white person or person who wants to be white, in which case you’re doubly lost.

  5. This is why I don’t click videos what was that? If that is not the definition of basic, hell I know babies just learning to walk doing a little two step so……*deeply judging them”. Personally, as a southern girl I just find all of this funny. Who knew it gets this serious over twerking. I remember one time you couldn’t get most white women to twerk since it was deemed “ghetto, trashy and something black girls do….”…..side eye. But it all goes back to the principal of if someone can market and make money off something they will do anything to keep it even from those who originated it. All I can say is….Black people keep,value and capitalize off of your culture, talents and creativity because these basics will steal and take in a blink of an eye. Goes to listen to some New Orleans’ bounce music to clear my mind of this mess.

  6. I could barely make it through that ‘advanced twerk’ video smh, what a mess. I’ve always maintained that a confident black woman who loves her self and does her thang is a threat to society. Like look at Kelechi’s video and look at hers, you know she must have got in her feelings when she saw that sista bustin out moves that she can’t do. Basic my ass, girl bye!

    1. I hit the stop button on the “advanced” twerking video 20 seconds in. That “dance” was embarrassingly awful. Stiff, rhythymless, and lacking bodily curves that make this dance style enticing to observers. They tried to compensate with weird, awkward moves. It was all just very…awkward. Pathetically, laughably awkward. I didn’t know whether to laugh or just shake my head in pity. It’s no surprise they felt uncomfortable “dancing” in Kelechi’s presence. She has everything they don’t, starting with a sense of rhythm and a womanly figure. I’m sure they felt like fools.

    1. So do white people. So do feminists. So do fanboys, etc.

      “Whine” is a word used by people who do not respect the concerns of the people complaining. So, since you don’t respect the concern, don’t speak on it, because you’re clearly ignorant.

  7. The World loves to commodity
    blackness whilst simultaneously despising black people.

    This sums it up perfectly. This is cutting to the root of the problem. This needs to be put on shirts, written across the skies and blasted on all media until it is pounded into the consciousness of everyone.

  8. The studio owner tried to deliberately undermine this woman’s talent. Then she has the cheek to play the victim and make out that she welcomes people to her studio without judging them after calling Kelechi “basic”. This coward definitely deserves all the heat coming her way (video has now been made private).

  9. The Becky’s video has been removed hmmm…….. Kelichi’s class looked like fun and high energy one could get a good workout in Kelichi’s class nothing “basic” about it.

    1. Yeah, but they still have one other video up. Just Google “Bombshell Twerk Routine, Bodybarre Competition 2015”. It is not the original video. However, it is still a hot mess, nevertheless.

  10. She should start her own thing, if it’s this stressful to get hired, then if she does, it’s going to be a negative environment for her.

    I definitely think that offering personal one one one or group classes would work.

    1. She’s already doing her own thing. She approached the Manchester studio to expand her current business model across the UK.

  11. Don’t they know basic is the PC term for White. Lol you can’t be a basic Black person, it is metaphysically impossible

  12. “The mainstream love to commodify blackness whilst simultaneously despising black people”. This is the best summation of the white privileged world we live in I’ve ever heard. “Basic” is code for we can’t handle your blackness! Hopefully, this sister opens her own space and does it her way.

  13. Whilst Im not really here for BW concern about getting credit for “ass shaking ” The Professional thing though for the WW to do was to simply say ” We do not have any space on our roster at this time but will keep your info on file for future reference” or some other standard rejection
    Her calling this Woman Basic and Saying that” they throw down” is unnecessary and seems to be about something else and in true WW fashion when they are called out on their passive aggressiveness the white tears flow in abundance

    1. Agreed! I think that replied was her round about way of trying to say “I am better than you…” There was no reason for the owner to be rude, nasty and unprofessional in turning her request down. But as you said, typical passive aggressive behavior but when people call them out then all of a sudden they want to cry foul and pretend like they are clueless.

  14. When you look to a group for validation you are in trouble. She should start her own dance class. Better yet start a new dance craze because once Caucasians start twerking classes it is time for the rest of us to stop all together.

  15. “..throw it down..”
    “…throw it down..”
    I’m so disappointed that they put their video to private. I saw some gifsets of the “twerk” sessions. It was gold.

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