Wait, What? Karrine Steffans & Columbus Short Are Married?

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We didn’t see this one coming, but word on the street is Confessions of a Video Vixen author Karrine Steffans and former Scandal star Columbus Short are married.

The pair have been doling out #MCM and #WCW shouts out on Instagram for weeks now, but things seem to have gotten official. The couple began using the hashtag #MeetTheShorts and two days ago, Steffans posted a love note that spoke of forever.


While it’s unclear if the pair are actually married, Steffans had a few words for folks who questioned her choice in a mate: mind your business.

Ya’ll wasn’t mad when I married that 1st bitch ass nigga or that 2nd bum nigga…” she wrote on Instagram with a picture of Kermit the Frog. 


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          1. Thank you Sister. My day is going great. I feel great. It was a beautiful day where I’m from.

          2. It was a beautiful day here too! I wish every Winter day could be like today. Sunny and bright and not too cold.

          3. We both love the sun. It was cold during the morning and not too cold during the Afternoon. I know how you feel about the Winter. LOL. 🙂 Extreme cold is not my thing either.

          4. 🙂 Sister Elle D. It’s kind of cold where I’m from. It’s 43 degrees where I’m from Sister.

          5. I think it is like that here too, oh well back on the roller coaster, hopefully it will be nice this weekend!!

          6. Roller coaster. Reminds me of the song from the Ohio Players. LOL. Yes, I know old school music even though I’m a young’in. The massive change in temperature is part of the new normal in our generation. It will be warmer in Friday and Saturday. Then, cooler on Sunday. By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday, it will be cold again.

          7. OK now I hear the song in my head LOL. Yeah, sadly we are still in the midst of Winter. Back to the grind.

          8. You must hate some Winter for real. LOL. Do you. As for words of inspiration, Spring is just around the corner. So, that’s great news. 🙂

          9. Weelll I don’t know, believe it or not I prefer Winter over Summer, and I love Fall the best, I just don’t feel like we had much of one this past year. As you know, it is what it is…Ugh I heard there is another Rethugnicant debate on tonight–for why? oh well if I don’t catch you in another thread, be well this Th eve Brother Truthseeker.

          10. I feel you. Fall is a time of reflection for me. The seasons have been topsy turvy. The Republican propaganda debate is repulsive. It’s on the FOX Business channel, but I won’t hear those bigots debate each other.

            Bless you as well Sister Elle D.

  1. I am not surprised. At the end of the day, we don’t know these people’s and only see what they want us to see. As the saying goes, water seeks its own level so maybe this is a match made in heaven or worst hell. To each their own.

  2. I don’t know, I don’t dislike him. He took full responsibility for his ridiculous behaviour and his addiction and made no excuses. I can’t help but have respect for a man like that who owns his mistakes and says that he wants to and is striving to be a better man. Too many want to blame others for their own stupidity. We all deserve another shot at happiness in life. So I’m wishing them theirs.

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