Her Name Was Ge’Naye Washington: Teen Dies After Being Raped & Beaten

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A Detroit teen’s life came to a tragic end just days into the New Year. According to her family, Ge’Naye Washington was at home when she was brutally beaten and raped on the morning of January 7th. After fighting for her life, the 17-year-old died Tuesday.

Detroit police believe Washington’s attack could have been perpetrated by a serial rapist who has struck four times since December. They have named 19-year-old Darian Winfield as a person of interest in the brutal attack. Winfield has been charged with in unrelated sexual assault, which occurred on December 30, where police allege he stabbed a woman in the chest. He’s suspected in another assault in the neighboring town of Grosse Pointe.

James Craig, of the Detroit Police, said Winfield is a danger to the public.

“In one incident we know he was armed with what appeared to be a kitchen knife. In the most recent incident (the victim suffered) blunt force trauma,” he said. “We don’t know what weapon may have been used.”

Washington, who was reportedly asleep when the attack began, suffered blunt force trauma to her head after being struck several times. Her family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for medical and funeral costs as they try to cope with her tragic death.

While Washington’s family said she didn’t know Winfield, Shaquetta Washington, GeNaye’s older sister, said their brother may have played basketball with the man over the summer. These days, they’re hoping for justice.

“We hope that justice is served, but it still won’t bring her back. It just hurts,” Shaquetta said. “[My mother] just wants to know why did he do it? What was the point? GeNaye, anybody that met her would fall in love with her. My eyes water every time I talk about this. I am trying to be strong for my mom. I have to keep everyone in place, but it’s really hard.”

Winfield has been charged with assault with intent to murder, assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, and first-degree home invasion stemming from the December 30th attack, and police are trying to determine what other crimes he may be charged with for Washington’s assault. Currently, he’s being held on a $1 million bond at the Wayne County Jail.

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  1. Such a painful story. Stories like these must be told, because the stories of black female victims of rape and murder have been ignored heavily by society. That is why Clutch is doing a great job in bringing awareness to the black girls and the black women, who are the victims of rape and murder. We still have evil people running causing these brutal crimes. I do hope that the criminal is brought to justice.

  2. I know right? Im not a man hating feminist or a feminist, but since the beginning of time men have been murderous towards women. Beating, raping, killing, molesting, selling like property when does it end? When are black men going to address the epidemic of misogyny and hatred towards black women and girls?

    1. let’s not turn this into another black men vs women thread.

      the only way we can address the kind of crime we see in our communities is by strengthening the family unit. the job of raising outstanding citizens falls on the shoulder of the parents. when the family breaks down, this is the end result.

      1. you won’t get many up votes for that truth but you are hitting the nail right on the head. keep up the good work,

      1. that’s because blackmen as a collective cannot fix other people’s children or adults. if mom/dad fails to raise an outstanding citizen, it’s too late and no one else can fix that child/adult. they’ll eventually commit a crime and be part of the justice system statistics. if mom/dad gets accolades for raising great kids, why should we make them responsible for raise a monster that get to terrorize their community?

        1. But if Black women had that same attitude BLM, the socalled movement wouldn’t have happened…This is a cop out..who is murdering each other and Black women and Black children, in droves?….who is displaying their hatred and misogyny towards Black women?…..then whoever ”they’ are will have to address it…no one else…When will ‘they’ take responsibility for anything?….or dont.

          1. “who is murdering each other and Black women and Black children, in droves” – Criminals. it’s society’s job to deal with these criminals. it’s not the responsibility of black men to deal with the criminals just because they also happen to be black and male. Are people born criminals or it’s something they become later in life? if it’s something they become, then whose job is it to ensure they don’t become one? call it a cop out but if you expect the people who are “murdering each other and black women and and black children” to fix themselves, it’s really not gonna happen because they’re criminals and that’s not what criminals do. if we want to live in a society where everyone can be safe, that task begins at home.

        2. amen bravo and spot on point! I have always said mom and dad should be held accountable for raising monster and the ones who get all up in arms about this is the ones who is hiding and neglecting their duties as parents and trying to blame it on all the isems, sexism, racism, misogyny, patriarchy etc. you name it they blame it on anything but themselves, no matter the gender they got to be called out as you have. thanks.

    1. This stuff sadly happens everywhere.There are so many missing young girls and women who are lost and have never been found.

      1. Thank you, Mary, for stating what should be obvious. Men, of all stripes, tend to prey on women, even women of their “tribe”. Look at those PWIs–those white frat boys are raping everyone in sight–even some of their fellow men. I don’t hear white people complaining of white on white crime. They just call it crime. Most of the serial killers in US history have been white men killing their fellow white women in white neighborhoods. Don’t get me wrong–this was a despicable crime and the perp should be strung up by his privates and left for dead, but please don’t take a page out of the white supremacy handbook and boil this down as a particular evil that exists in black men. All men are capable of abject cruelty. Just watch the Investigation ID channel.

      2. Yes…crime does happen everywhere and in every neighborhood…BUT….Black women make up a small percentage of women in the US but the rape, domestic violence, murder, trafficking rates for Black women are extremely high. epidemic…In fact, Black women account for half of all women murdered by their domestic partners….and this has been consistent for years…..and Black women are only about 12% of the female pop in the US…..If this doesn’t scare you all I don’t know what will.

        1. one reason for all of this is because for a plethora of reason the black women and her children is the least protected by their natural protector [the black man-father or husband/boyfriend].

          1. to mention “The Nuclear Family” is blaspheming in the black community sorry if I am going to step on some toes here. I will be brief, at the root of it is three generations of failure of the black nuclear family, which in truth we the black men and black women naively played a major role in sabotaging our nuclear family and the black community thus leaving our women, daughters, sons and our elderly unprotected. The law can’t fully protect us, strong laws prevent the law abiding citizen from violating us, strong family units [fathers and mothers] by nature is the first line of protections that prevent us from being violated, law enforcement is the second level of protection, by the time law enforcement get involved someone has already been violated or hurt.

            PS: Failed nuclear families units leaves women, daughters, sons and the elderly “prey” for the cold hearted predatory hustlers, pimps, drug dealers, rapist, pedophiles, traffickers, exploiters and every low lifer [male or female] known to mankind, in this world only the strong survives.

          2. well out of respect for you I won’t blaspheme on this site and tell the truth about the “F” word that y’all have been inculcated into holding so dear, but along with that integration exposed a weakness that’s been in us every since after we were broken and made slaves, after being in bondage for so long we lost a knowledge of ourselves, thus once we were freed the lack of having a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF “ETHICS, SPIRITUALITY AND NATURAL LAW” left most of us vulnerable and prey to the manipulation of the wise wicket and cause us to undermined and sabotage our foundation after being legally freed, had we had some knowledge of self and clear understanding of ethics, spirituality and natural law it would not have been so easy for the wise wicket to manipulate so many of us into undermining and sabotaging ourselves, families and communities thus nation.

          3. Hmmm….I don’t know if I totally believe that…..what I do believe/know is that Black women are criminally devalued in words and deeds by Black men and this leaves us vulnerable to everyone….and everyone knows it……and Black women seem unable to face this and take action …….but maybe that’s a little of what you mean.

          4. good points however both black women and black men have been criminally devalued at the same time and the sooner we wake up and be honest about this fact the sooner we can start taking steps to rectify our problems, and the sooner WE [black women and black man] can take steps to come together in earnest and build a prosper life for ourselves and our offsprings. NOBODY CAN DO THIS BUT US THE BLACK MAN AND THE BLACK WOMEN, other people interfering will be a impediment, they can’t help us with this, they will just be holding us up further impeding our rise. BUT FIRST WE BOTH BLACK MAN AND BLACK WOMEN MUST CHANGE OUR MINDSET, FIRST. OTHERWISE WE ARE JUST PLAYING LIKE CHILDREN.

          5. This is a real question… it the chicken then the egg…or is it the egg then the chicken…..what I mean is….is it metaphysics then food….or is it food then metaphysics?

    2. Statistically speaking, women are raped far more by men of their own race. Couple that with the fact that white women actually have a lower rate of rape victimization than black women. So you might be onto something regarding certain demographics. We should be cautious against all races but let’s not pretend that extra precautions aren’t needed for black women in black areas.

    3. I am sorry for keep saying this, but nobodies ever mention where was this girl father! see that’s a important question that no one ever ask.

    4. “Black women really need to leave these Black neighborhoods”….and bring the trouble and their half raised, un raised children to another neighborhood and the killings will start there, it’s not the neighborhood, it’s the poor parenting and un raised children that’s causing the problem, if you take poor parenting along with half raised or unraised children to a good neighborhood or community that community or neighborhood will become bad and a dangerous neighborhood.

  3. This is so sad.May she rest easy.I hope justice is served.As women we are always under attack and preyed on.It’s the cold hard truth.We can’t live in fear but we have to know the truth.

  4. Black people! We need to do better! This is not a woman versus man thing but this crime happened to a BLACK woman by a BLACK man. Do not even begin to tell me that this happens with other races. That is not the story at hand. We need to address what is happening in the BLACK community. Some of ya’ll are so quick to label others as “hoteps” and “new blacks” but use your new found “knowledge” to play down what is going on in our communities. STOP IT!!!

  5. My heart goes out to the family and the victim. She didn’t even get a chance to live her life. I hope he pays for what he did.

  6. men this is exactly why it’s important that when we have children the father and the mother must make the necessary “sacrifices” to to come together stay together so we can do our duty and protect our offspring’s because we can’t depend on law enforcement to protect us from predators, no one can depend on the police to protect you from predators.

  7. Black women are disproportionately abused and killed by our own men. This is why I don’t live in Black communities. They’re too dangerous and no one checks these black men. It’s always open season on Black women and girls and no one cares. Black people don’t even care. e never want to discuss the racialized violence Black women and girls suffer from. We can talk about racism all day long, but you had better keep your mouth closed about the violent misogynoir that’s killing Black women and girls.

    Get out of these Black communities, Black women. Because no one there is going to protect you.

    1. Yep…to everything you said….it’s like Black women are asleep….So many issues that affect them they seemingly cannot face…and the Black male protectionism?is sooooo strong.

    2. if we black men and black women stop pointing the finger at each other and come together and and raise their children up right we won’t have all of these killings, only we working together can stop the killings.

  8. Oh my god..oh my god…may this beautiful young soul rest in peace, what a world we live in! If this is a serial rapist, I pray he is caught before he strikes again! My heart goes out to her family and loved ones…lord help us…

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