Black Excellence: Identical Twin Sisters Are Now Both Judges In Alabama

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Sister Judges Shanta Owens and Shera Grant

Shera Grant and Shanta Owens have always been alike. Not only are the pair identical twins, but the Birmingham natives both attended Alabama State University, both received law degrees from Louisiana State University, both have six-year-old daughters and three-year-old sons, and both of their husbands are childhood best friends. Now, the sisters have yet another thing in common: Grant and Owens are now judges in Alabama.

Owens has been on the bench since 2008 when she was elected to be a district court judge in Alabama’s 10th judicial circuit, and Grant was appointed to the court by Governor Robert Bentley on Friday.

“I’m just overwhelmed, overjoyed. … I think this is a wonderful opportunity to serve the citizens of this county,” Grant, who’ll be handling civil cases, said of her new gig.

Owens is also proud and excited for her sister. “I’m really elated … I’m excited for her,” she said. “We’re grateful to God and grateful to the Governor.”

After winning her most recent election, Owens’ job is secure until 2020 when she’ll have to run again. However, because she was appointed to the position during an election year, Grant will have to begin campaigning to keep her new position right away.

We wish her luck!

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  1. Was glad to see this positive story posted about twin sisters who are HBCU grads that are successful and happily married to black men.

    Black Love and success is alive and well for sure…

      1. Nope but, my comment was specifically stated “Black Love” and success is alive and well””

        Cause unless it is stated and celebrated you would think it has been dead and buried long ago.

  2. This is great news. Both Sisters exemplify excellence, the love of helping people, and genuine altruism. They graduated from HBCUs, they are married, and raised great children. They certainly are blessed in every meaning of the world. Congratulations to Shera Grant and Shanta Owens.

      1. Exactly. It is a shame that news of this nature will never be covered in a wide scale by the mainstream. This news tells black youth especially that they can be a scientist, a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, and an inventor.

        1. Right, I enjoy reading positive, uplifting news reports. It has a greater impact on ones intellect, especially our youth. As you stated, it will never get mass media coverage. Going through my news-feeds, I saw very few reports on this article. Shouts to Clutch on this one, no doubt!

          1. Sometimes, the mainstream news crowd will show positive stories about black people very infrequently. I do give credit to Clutch also for showing the world about blessed black twins who worked hard and are contributing to society in magnificent ways. The youth need to be constantly reminded that they are a strong people and their Blackness is a gift.

          2. Thats right. There will be a lot of hard work involved. Alabama still suffers from remnants of its violent, racist past.

          3. I agree. It has been over 50 years after the Selma movement and there is still economic, political, and racial problems in Alabama.

          4. Yes, some of the most heinous crimes ever committed against black people occurred in that state. A young black man was hanged in Mobile Alabama in the 80’s !

          5. It is very revolting for our people to be hanged and murdered. No human being should be violated of their human rights. In places all across the Earth, black people experience oppression and injustice.

        2. I agree with you, but the saddest thing to me is stories like this is not broadly covered on a wide scale by black media.

          1. There is an issue where many in the black media won’t show stories like about how strong, very intelligent identical twins are judges in Alabama. That is why it is important to support black media who do cover the inspirational, positive stories that exist today.

    1. I will keep my fingers cross but maybe clutch is listening those of us who have been taking them to task about the trash they have recently been giving us.

  3. Clutch needs to do more positive and uplifting articles like this instead of those ratchet articles about misogyny and anti black woman hate.

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