A Teen Girl Was Raped By 5 Men Walking Through Brooklyn Park With Her Dad

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A horrific sexual assault happened Thursday night in Brooklyn when an 18-year-old was raped by five men while walking through a park with her dad.

According to police, the men approached the father and daughter in Osborn Park in Brownsville, a predominantly black neighborhood, around 11:15 pm. One of the men, reportedly in his 20s or 30s, had a gun and demanded the father leave. The dad, who didn’t have a cell phone, ran to a nearby Bodega for help but the store workers refused to call police. By the time the father returned with two officers his daughter had been raped by all five individuals. The assailants fled the scene of the crime and authorities were still searching for all five as of Sunday afternoon.

While police have released surveillance video of the group inside of a Bodega before the attack, asking people to come forward if they know any of the individuals’ identities or whereabouts, many Brownsville residents have been hypercritical about the lack of arrest.

“A rape takes place on the Upper East Side, it would not take two days for that information to come out, and the people to be protected, and the people to be aware,” neighborhood resident Eric Adams told ABC news.

Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a statement in response to the heinous crime on Sunday, promising swift justice.

“I am disgusted and deeply saddened by the horrific attack that took place in Brownsville yesterday evening. We will take every step possible to find and swiftly prosecute the assailants of this vicious crime.

“Every New Yorker in every neighborhood deserves to feel safe and protected, and we will not stop until the perpetrators of this disturbing attack are held accountable for their actions. This administration has zero tolerance for sexual attacks, and we will work to ensure a crime of this nature never happens again.”


  1. The father left his daughter? The defining moment of love and fatherhood — he left his daughter with five men? Bullocks! What happened to, the only way I will leave my daughter with you is over my dead body!

    1. I’m confused about this whole thing. So, the kids walked over to him and his daughter, then pull a gun out, and says, “GTFOH?” He leaves??? Did he have a cell phone? It took him that long to call for help that NOT one, NOT 2, but 5 dudes had enough time to r@pe his baby?? This story just seems kinda of fishy to me.

      1. I saw a local interview and the father claims that he was in a park with his daughter when the 5 attackers came up and put a gun to his face and told him to leave, the father claimed that he thought they would kill him if he tried to stay and fight and he did not have his cell phone, which is why he ran looking for help.

        1. Of course it was about him… he thought they would kill him. So, he leaves instead of dying to protect his progeny… So what? His daughter is not worth dying for? Sounds like another wonderful [black] parent. No wonder it is open season on our kids.

    2. “What happened to, the only way I will leave my daughter with you is over my dead body!”
      In an exact situation as this, you’ll be dead and your daughter would not have been any safer. Frankly, we can talk all day about what we’d have done but unless you’re in their shoes, you can’t know for sure. this father will live with this decision for the rest of his life (he’s better of dead) and his daughter will probably never look at him the say way again. it’s a sad situation and ultimately, it’s those rapists at fault.

      1. As a father myself, I can promise you that I would never ever under any circumstances have left my daughter.

        It’s not hypothetical to me, it is not even a remote possibility.

        1. i’m sure. i would not have left her either and would rather pay the ultimate price: if you have to, tackle the one with the gun so the daughter can escape. short of talking your way out of it, there’s no win-win situation. as i said, this father will have to live with this decision for the rest of his life and it’ll hunt him

        2. You and me both. I may be dead, but somebody going to hell with me. A couple of years ago, I was at the park with the wife and our baby. These young boys gave us this mean look. I pulled out the machete (never leave home without it) from under the baby stroller. I stock it in the ground with the handle up. I gave them a mean look in return. They left the park.

          1. @Mrs.J… Can you imagine Barack Obama leaving a daughter with 5 men. You can’t imagine it because he would not do it! Obama is a man, a Father, just like any other father. He knows his constitution, and I know mine. Too bad you don’t know yours.

      2. Exactly. So Dad dies, and daughter still is brutally raped anyway?? Then she has to live with the anguish over the years that her father was killed AND her rape? How much sense does that make? I’m sure that (even if she doesn’t completely understand now) in the long run, she’ll know that what her father did was in her best interest. He didn’t have a phone on him, and I’m sure the assailants were quite adamant (violent) in their demands that he leave. What would be the point in showcasing his pride in this situation, when the outcome would have been the same (his daughter would have been raped), and on top of that, her possibly having feelings of guilt that her father is dead b/c she was raped. I don’t understand some of the “logic” going on in this thread right now…..that really was not the time for her father to play Superman with his and his daughter’s lives. So what, he should’ve been shot right then and there before his daughter’s eyes, right before the 5 rabid dogs raped her anyway?? BS….He did what he could. The even more f**ed up part of this story is the fact that the bodega owners didn’t let him in to call the police. Hopefully they catch the bastards and lock them up till their penises dry up and fall off.

        1. Punk! I would rather my daughter know that I died fighting for her. I would want her to be proud of me. I would not want her to know I sacrificed her for us.

          1. Take it from a true Daddy’s Girl whose father is deceased, I would not want my Dad dead after I had just been raped by 5 “males”. Trust.
            I would still be proud of him, but I would be even more grief stricken and horrified to know that my Dad was killed in front of me and still not there as a companion and support system after I had been victimized. Staying there in some sort of hyper-masculine display of “heroism” when you know your death is imminent is not what I would look up to my father for. I would (speaking for myself) respect my father for wanting to be there for me in the long run. Just my 2 pennies worth of sense……

          2. Well we know your druthers. But, sometimes you have to take a stand. Are you familiar with the Samuel L. Jackson movie, “A Time To Kill”?

            Set in Canton, Mississippi, the film involves the rape of a young girl, the arrest of the rapists, their subsequent murder by the girl’s father, and the father’s trial for murder. The film was a critical and commercial success, making $152 million at the worldwide box office.

            You know why that film was a commercial success? Her Father’s response was heroic. I am sure the little girl did not want her Father tried for murder, but he did what he had to do and what he did — defend his daughter’s honor — is an appropriate response!

          3. Precisely, he had a weapon himself, the rapists were arrested and being tried, and he decided to take HIS WEAPON and blow them into kingdom come. The rapist didn’t catch him in the middle of the night alone (5 against one) to rape his daughter. Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie is acquitted because he was defending his daughter’s honor after the fact, and using his own weapon to do so. Had the situation been that the father in NY had a weapon and decided to blow the brains out of these MFs then I wouldn’t have a problem with him staying and defending her. He could say it was self defense and hopefully the courts would agree, and most importantly, he’d still be there for his daughter. But this situation was very different than that movie…..very different

          4. This is not about whether you have a weapon. This is about whether or not you love your child — enough to die for them.

          5. I’ll just say this (and this will be my last reply b/c clearly we just have to agree to disagree on this one), for me, love is wanting to stick around for someone and be there for them. BE THERE. Not die trying to be a martyr in the name of fatherhood. Actually being there for many more years as a father. Helping his daughter (and possible other children) in their times of need. Acting as a witness to ensure justice in the case against the rapists. Maybe even getting his “A Time To Kill” moment in the courthouse, who knows. I my opinion, it would not have helped anyone (ANYONE) if he had been killed trying to defend her (but not actually doing so in the process).

        1. My son and I couldn’t go anywhere together — safely. There was always a situation, and we were ready anywhere, anytime, with anyone, in the middle of the street. If you crossed one of us, we were both off the leash. Don’t tell me you don’t know how you would respond. Bullocks! Stop it. Stop making excuses for flawed men and women. This situation as it is written — is bananas.

          1. so you’re going to compare the challenges our young girls/women face with that of young boys/men? i’m sure none have it any easier but it’s vastly different. this isn’t the first type we’ve heard of stories like this: usually involves home invasions. you can beat your chest all day long about what you’d do – like your experience with your son but they don’t come close to what this father and his daughter went through: any choice he makes, he loose. i agree it wasn’t right for him to leave, given his role as a father but it’s not as easy as you make it sound.

  2. There are just so many layers here. First, four of the rapists have been arrested and there ages are 15, 15, 17, and 14. They are not in their 20s and 30s. The young rapists were most likely living with their parents, but somehow their parents did not know that one of them had a gun. How does that happen ? How did any of these boys think that committing premeditated armed gang rape is acceptable ? Before the rape, the rapists were caught on a bodega store camera giggling and laughing as if they did not have a care in the world. And then they did this.

    I just hope despite their ages, these boys are all tried as adults. I dont want to hear: “But they’re so young, they didn’t know what they were doing.” What these attackers did was clearly thoughtout well in advance, which is why one of them had a gun and any of those boys could have chosen not to participate, instead they all took turns violating this young lady. If they are man enough to commit gang rape, then they are grown enough to do hard time.

    1. Well, the Affluenza kid did not know what he was doing. Why should they be tried as adults? Frankly, the father should be arrested for child endangerment, but I believe his “daughter” is 18 years old.

    2. I dont know if you are joking or not but these boys should not simply serve 3 or 4 years in detention until they are 18 and then be released with a sealed criminal juvenile record. Honestly, I dont support the death penalty but for this type of savagery, I think its warranted.

      As for the Affluenza kid, he drove drunk, which he shouldnt have, there was no premediatation on his part. He did not wake up and leave home with the intent to kill. Not defending him, but the young rapists clealry planned this well in advance.

      1. The sad thing is that it has been proven that boys in that age range their brain is not completely developed unlike girls of that age. Because boys do things to go along with the others whoever hatched this “bright idea” either participated in a sexual assault or known others who did. Or even better saw it in a video game. That’s why I think it’s imperative that parents consistently talk to teenagers about the law and committing crime, especially our black youth. I am not excusing what these young men did because the act was deplorable I just think that extensive mental/psychological exams need to be done on teen criminals.

        1. I posted a link to an update for the story, but it may not show. Anyway, the victim told the reporter that the juvenile rapists actually argued in front of the girl who was going to rape her next. I can’t even……..

          The point is these boys fully understood the severity of this crime and they still did it anyway. It’s not like one of them stole a car and took it for a ride, which while still a crime is not nearly as bad as armed gang rape. So, I really don’t think their less developed teenage brains can be used as an explanation here.

          1. Fact is blacks like whites view black youths as older then their white counterparts which is why black youths are charged as adults more often. Clearly these teens have serious mental issues and are a danger to society. Mental illness among young black youths is also widely ignored with disastrous consequences. The black community only respond to the disease and not the cause sadly.

          2. I am not sure this is mental illness. I think they did this because of a general lack of respect for women and not caring about going to jail. When I was growing up incarceration was so common amongst the black males that I knew that there was a term for it, called “doing a bid.” Some just don’t think they have a future and they go out and commit crimes.

          3. That’s a eurocentric point of view you have but not base on facts. Abuse and neglect can cause mental health problems. The Centers for Disease Control said 30 percent of inner-city kids suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These are the type of numbers you see in war-zones. But again the plight of black teens is often ignored by both black and white people in America.

      2. White kid kills four people then flee to Mexico……..well he’s just a kid

        Black kids assault another kid………give them the death penalty.

        1. I am not an apologist for the Affluenza kid. I was responding to someone else who injected him into the conversation. But there are clear differences between the two cases. Affluenza kid drove drunk, killed four people. I dont anyone who thinks that Affluenza kid had the intent on killing folks when he got behind the wheel. Not excusing anything. Obviously, Affluenza kid should have been given some prison time but his lack of serious punishment does not negate what these boys did.

          The juvenile rapist clearly planned to go out raping and terrorizing women, which is why one of them came armed. While you can drive drunk and accidentally kill someone, you cannot accidentally committ armed gang rape.

          Two of the juvenile rapists were turned in to the police by their parents, so even the parents arent trying to make excuses for their sons behavior.

          And I will not shed a tear over any of these boys as they clearly don’t care about black women. So why should I care about them ?

      3. The Affluenza kid knew exactly what he was doing… his intent was to do whatever he wanted to do… without consequence. I didn’t know what I was doing worked for that boy. It should work for these boys too. I am not defending them. But, the precedent is set. If those boys cannot use that argument, then it’s white privilege again. If I were their attorney, that would be the argument I would use.

        1. Their defense attorney can use whatever argument they want to try to absolve the rapists of responsibility, but it ain’t gon’ work. I live in NYC and numerous black officials have come out condemning this attack, including the Brooklyn borough president. I have seen black mothers who live in the area condemn the attack. The general mood from the local tv coverage has been one of disgust, so I imagine that any potential jury is going to reflect the City’s opinion.

          1. ” I live in NYC and numerous black officials have come out condemning this attack…” Stockholm syndrome.

          2. Wait…so if officials condemn an attack where a 18 year old is gang raped by 5 teen boys at gunpoint after threatening to kill her father..they have “Stockholm Syndrome”? WHAT? WTF are they supposed to do, give them a high five? Present them with a medal? Honor them with keys to the city?

          3. Treat them for PTSD. By the way, the reason why our children are susceptible to PTSD, social alienation and nihilism, is because black adults have been sitting on their bums, and wringing their hands.

          4. Lol…so no jail time for gang rape and gun possesion, just a few months of sit downs on a couch with a therapist and some meds? Gtfoh.

          5. Oh yeah… Black folks don’t have a problem punishing black kids… We’re tough guys. Gtfoh.

          6. Blacks SHOULD be punished for gang raping a teenage girl! So should Whites, Asians, Latinos, and Natives. Why is that such a difficult concept for you you to get behind? If someone is green with blue polka dots and they gang rape a teenage girl at gunpoint… They should be punished! Black boys that do this should not be any different. So its okay to punish non black men/ boys that rape black women…but no black ones? Once again, gtfoh.

          7. #whiteprivilege. You know it? Strike that. Have you heard of it? If you are white [Blacks] you have no idea what you are talking about white privilege living in your vanilla ice cream reality, where you only know you are white, indeed (I can’t recall who said) when there is a black person in the room. That’s one reason they call it #white privilege… you actually believe there is a level playing field and if you actually know the playing field is not level and you love it — you’re a racist. Shut up your hole and go back to your hole. Hahaha

          8. Yeah, since Ive been a black woman my entire life, I have no idea what your rambling is all about. And I see you had no answer for my simple question. Figures, since you seem to be a bit unhinged anyway.

          9. You’re black — with that prism? Go die somewhere. You add no value to the black experience in 21st Century.

          10. And a black man who thinks black boys who gang rape black girls shouldn’t be punished, does? Boy bye…you really ARE unhinged.

  3. This makes no sense so many holes in this story. What father leaves his child in danger like this? I hate these half assed articles.

    1. Exactly! There are so many conflicting reports, update and information on this story that it is confusing. Thoughts for the victim, regardless of the full story rape and sexual assault is never okay. I hope she gets the help and resources she needs.

  4. This is another story that certainly makes me furious with indignant anger. The young black woman was violated of her human rights and her dignity by evil people. The store workers who refused to call the authorities should feel shame since a black woman was being raped. Sexual assault and rape are problems that exist worldwide. There are a lot of debates on whether the father did the right thing or not. If that was me and I had a daughter walking with me, then I would defend my daughter and never leave my daughter under any circumstances. That’s just me. People can disagree with me and that’s fine, but if I had a daughter, I’m not leaving her in that situation. Those people pictured (who are the rapists) are not tough. A rapist is soft, weak, and a coward by definition. No real person would sexually violate another innocent human being. So, I wish for the authorities to capture these criminals. They should be in prison for life not for some probation and some token parole. Rape causes life long emotional, psychological trauma to its victims for life. Therefore, these criminals should be in prison for the rest of their lives. This is a serious problem in our community. We have to talk about it, address it, and fight back against any rape.

  5. This is horrific, my heart goes out to the victim. I do not understand the fathers action, no way in hell would I have left my daughter. Also, the agent of the assailants are 14, two 15, and 17 year old. What the hell were they thinking.

  6. So much of this story is fishy. I won’t go so far as to say I don’t believe the victim, but after reading more about what happened in the NYT I’m doubtful. Some things are not adding up and I think that’s the real reason it took so long for the police to go public with the story.

    1. I read the NYT article as well, so may I ask… What are you “doubtful” about? That she was raped? That her father left her? That the perpetrators are these boys?

  7. Over my dead body. There’s no way in hell I’m leaving my daughter with 5 men that I know full well are going to violate my progeny. No way.

    This is the kind of shit that makes me wanna get a firearm. Registered of course. Also, I think the school system should teach social skills, basic self-defense.

    Because of situations like this I’ll forever be for the death penalty. If somebody else’s life is worthless then you don’t deserve to breathe either.

  8. “If the young are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its

    -African Proverb

  9. Something doesn’t add up but there are some cowards out there. I believe they have all of the suspects. Hopefully, the sexual assault kits points out the correct people. They need to suffer for their crime. This was a terrible crime that deserves a harsh punishment.

  10. Some rapists get sexual gratification committing these heinous acts. Some use rape as a weapon to control others.There are so many factors that we cannot single out. With this case that happened in Brownsville, I think it’s a combination of upbringing, behavioral adaptations, their level of maturity. their unfavorable view of women, their environment, peers, and a culture of violence that is programmed in their psyche that possessed them to do this. You can see some of these characteristic traits in the prison system where men force them selves on other men and women force themselves on other women. And believe me, this is a widespread issue that isn’t unique to any racial or ethnic group. There are horror stories all over the world.

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