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Dumb Ass of The Week: D.L. Hughley


“I’ve never met a black atheist”DL Hughley

I’m not sure who told DL Hughley he was funny, but for some reason, CNN thinks he was funny enough for them to give him a ‘news’ show. Now, I can see the slant they were going with. HBO has Bill Mayer, Comedy Central has John Stewart and Colbert. But the difference between those networks is that Mayer, Stewart & Colbert are actually funny. In my opinion the his show is quite insulting to black people. The coonery is over the top, and once again, not funny. I seriously think that there is someone standing with an ‘applause’ sign just so the people know that this is when they’re supposed to laugh.

I look to CNN for unbiased news and political & social commentary (minus their Black In America series). In the months up to the election, my television was practically on CNN all evening (well also b/c of Don Lemon and his man-candy factor). But I’m hoping that eventually CNN executives will realize that this man is NOT funny. It’s not even the fact that he’s trying to hard to be funny, but he’s one of the most uninformed people I’ve seen on television. He’s contradictory and not in the ‘let’s play devils advocate’ sort of way, but in the “I’m a dumb ass who doesn’t know anything” sort of way. There are tons of other comedians out there who are able to provide political and humorous banter, without coming off as ignorant.

Also, let me not forget the most annoying factor I find in DL Hughley. THE HAIR!! How many years can one person rock ‘baby locs’? Let those things grow or just cut them off!


  1. “Iā€™m not sure who told DL Hughley he was funny…”
    You get a HELLAFIED co-sign on that one… he’s NOT.AT.ALL… and I’m wondering just how long the foolishness that is his show will continue on!
    P.S., You are a FOOL for that “baby locs” comment… LMAO šŸ˜€

  2. I think it’s a sad sign in our society that the news programs are turning to comedians anyway. EVERYTHING is entertainment! It’s all about ratings and not about news.
    Perpetual baby locs…. you ain’t lying on that!

  3. Lmbo @ this whole post! I always wondered about his “baby locs” and y they never seemed to get any longer.
    And Don Lemon is a cutie for sure! šŸ™‚

  4. Ummm…yeah. This nikka is a damn fool and I don’t know who the hell he knows to have gotten on CNN, but that needs to stop. I mean, I get the whole thing about CNN wanting to “diversify” but, with all do respect, and remember I said with all do respect: fuck that. It’s coonery at it’s finest. And since he can’t make jokes about the people in the audience, which is all he ever does, he is without an arsenal of humor.
    Baby Locs is some funny, funny shit, by the way. Looking like Jamie Foxx in breaking all the rules.

  5. With my dumbass I didn’t realize that the little sticky note thingys were where I was to click to leave a comment! (LOL)
    I’ve never been fond of Mr. Hughley. I didn’t find him funny, and that lil’ patch of something strange on the side of his face has always been disturbing to me. (LMBAO)

  6. Almost everyone I know echoes the same D.L. Hughly negative sentiment, so I wonder how he has blown up so much? My guess is a soul transaction with el diablo, but I ain’t one to gossip so you ain’t heard that from me….

  7. You know what…you’re an ignoramus! LMAO I swear the DAMNEDEST things get you riled up! I guess for me, it wouldn’t matter if he’s funny or not…just be on point with what you’re speaking on. Nothing will piss me off more than a person speaking without knowing. As far as his baby locs? Well, maybe he doesn’t want them to grow…DUH! He’s tryna keep from looking like Sway. He’s got his locs cut into a “style” *ctfu*
    I’m leaving your page, girl! LOL

  8. Aye chill!
    Dude is funny. The show is funny. But, what makes it look corny?
    The dead ass white audience!
    I’m tellin you…CNN needs to handout tickets in the hood or go down to the rent-a-negro store and fill them seats with more Black people. I had this debate with someone after the show’s debut, and KIT did a nice blog about it back then. I think for the most part, y’all women are still mad about the “nappy headed hoe” comment he made in co-signing Don Imus.

  9. It is awful. Granted, I think a large part of that is its need to not offend anyone, when Hughley’s humor back in his stand up days was meant to be offensive. He actually used to be an intelligent humorist, who was not hilarious but brought up good points. Now… No.
    Remember Fox New’s attempt to have a show like the Daily Show? It wasn’t even its partisanism that was annoying – the show was “Sex Talk” infomercial funny, which jokes that were so inoffensive I felt myself getting stupider for watching it.
    You can say that about Fox News in general, but that’s a different argument.

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